Getting list of documents that are coming from publication/subscribtion

From what I know, Meteor does not tell you which documents are coming from which publication/subscriptions.

Has anything changes on this front recently?

It would be awesome feature if the pub/sub system can give back a list of _id’s. It can be used to display loading screens, etc.

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Summoning Pub/Sub Master @diaconutheodor

The thing is you can’t know, but because publication are blocking by nature, you can make this identification in a way by inspecting the DDP messages, but that only initially. Also, on the server, in the SessionCollectionView it is stored the publication name, so when you unsubscribe it knows what to clear out.

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@diaconutheodor thanks for clarfiying. Do you think it can it be done by monitoring the merge-box?

Yes, it can be done, server-side only