Getting Meteor Settings from Galaxy Server

I made a very careless mistake and lost some of my settings in my settings.json file. Currently the only place they are are within my current Galaxy containers. I can’t access them through the portal, because I overwrote them when pushing a new version, but the current containers have that file. The Containers won’t update because there is a error with my file. I am unsure how to stop them from updating and revert.

Is there a way to rollback to a previous version on Galaxy or somehow gain access to Meteor shell to gain access to my settings?

AFAIK there isn’t a way of viewing historical settings, nor getting a shell on Galaxy. However, when you deploy don’t you pass the settings to the meteor deploy command? So you should have them on the machine you deployed from?

This is an app I hadn’t worked on for a while and I lost my settings file somehow. I copied and pasted them from the Galaxy site, but then did it incorrectly so don’t have the version I need.

Gotcha. Hrm, that sucks. Do you have any backups you can root through?

Not that I know of. I’m still looking. It has to be somewhere.
There has to be some access into the Galaxy server, so I emailed support. It would save me a lot of time if that is possible.