Getting notified on new API versions, deprecations or sunsets

GraphQL is great and removes the need for versioning in many cases. But a lot of developers still need to work with (Rest) APIs that have classic versioning. This also means new versions coming out, versions getting deprecated or they even sunset. The question is, how to keep track of those version changes?

Are you dependent on 3rd party APIs where versions get updated quickly? Google Analytics for instance or Facebook Insights. How do you keep track of these changes and would you be willing to pay for a tool who would tell you when it’s time to upgrade?

For a long time now I’ve been thinking of developing a tool that tracks those changes and you get notified of new versions, deprecations and sunset dates, including links to migration guides etc. No more subscriptions to RSS feeds, blogs, news letters hoping not to miss the next mention of a version deprecation or new features coming out.

Let me know what you think! Depending on the feedback, I might start working on a prototype soon.

Well, after the overwhelming responses I doubt there is any real interest in this issue :wink: