Getting odd behavior when building packages (ecmascript)

I am making a fairly simple package. I noticed that grigio:babel said to switch to ecmascript. I have the following package.js

Package.onUse(function (api) {
  api.use(['meteor-platform', 'ecmascript', 'mongo', 'underscore']);

This exports a single object. However, I have been getting a variety of errors. Among them is:

While selecting package versions:
error: unknown package: isobuild:compiler-plugin
Required by: ecmascript 0.1.3-plugins.1

Another one I have gotten intermittedly is:

(STDERR) Program has no main() function.

Anyone know how to handle these errors and build with ecmascript?

Are you using one of the 1.2 RCs? Which one?

I am using, I think. I was going off grigio:babel’s atmosphere page:

Your regular .js files will take ES2015 syntax by default if you do meteor add ecmascript

Ideally, I would like to make this package work with 1.2, but it seems to keep crashing with isobuild when I set package.versionsFrom('1.2-rc.7');

So the ecmascript package only works if you are running the Meteor command line tool from 1.2. So you would need to use that versionsFrom and run meteor --release 1.2-rc.7.

This is kind of a shitty error though, I wonder if we could make it better.

OK just consulted with @glasser and apparently this is just an RC thing. When Meteor 1.2 actually comes out it will print a nicer message that explains that you need to be using 1.2 for ecmascript to work.

Okay cool, that appears to have fixed it, thank you good sir.
Soo, any announcements on when 1.2 comes out?

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Literally working 8 hours a day to push it out right now, so as soon as humanly possible. (It’s in my interest too, building and testing releases isn’t the most fun part of this job)

It’s all good, it’s very impressive how quickly MDG pushes out updates. 1.2 totally looks like the best release so far, though

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