Getting session problem


I’m learning making an app from a tutorial:

But there is some thing wrong with it:
It should after clicking a button logging the selected player _id in the console but when I click a li
element it logs the selected player _id.

Do you thing it’s a Incompatibility from previous and new version of meteor or there is something wrong with my code?

            'click.player': function () {
                var playerId = this._id;
                Session.set('selectedPlayer', playerId);
            'click.increment': function () {
                var selectedPlayer = Session.get('selectedPlayer');
                //PlayersList.update(selectedPlayer, { score: 5 });




<template name="leaderboard">
        {{#each player}}
        <li class="player {{selectedClass}}">{{name}}:{{score}}</li>
        <li><button class="increment">Give 5 Points</button></li>




You need a space between the event type and the selector in your event map:

ie 'click.player' should be 'click .player' and
'click.increment' should be 'click .increment'{
  'click .player': function() {
  'click .increment': function() {


Thanks a lot for your answer. Now it works well.
I was disappointed that someone would answer me.:wink: