Getting session variables to new window/tab


I have a need to open a page in a new window and can’t figure out how to pass vars to the new window. I read that the Session vars are not available to the new window and when I attempt to set the vars to the window object I get undefined by the opener. Everything else works on the page, and did until I tried to make this a popup.


const popupWin ='AuditReport', { tenant_id: tenantId }), 'auditReport');
    popupWin.arFilters = 'test';

Accessing it in the new tab (I get undefined, but the var name is in the window object):

Template.AuditReport.onRendered(function auditPageOnRendered() {
  console.log("window:", window);
  console.log('window.opener.arFilters::::', window.opener.arFilters);

I’m guessing I’m missing somethign very basic… any help?


Used localStorage as a workaround if this helps anyone else…