Getting Started with Meteor 1.3 Beta

A little collection of tutorials and posts I put together to give people a roadmap to learning Meteor 1.3.


Useful and concise thanks

Although theres a clear path forward, it appears that it will be quite a while before any dust settles and the road is passable for lesser mortals (me).
For instance, discussion on Mantra “Hello World”:
Its quite a path even once youve got into React…(but Im sure MDG will work their magic)

btw…I’ve not been following this at all closely - but could some kind person please point me to something that clears up the relationship between Mantra/Reactive GraphQL…
As they’re both products of Arunoda’s genius I suppose they are symbiotic…?

Look forward to buying the book.
(What a shame for Meteor that your having to use Divi…)

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Awesome! I’m always looking forward to more learning resources for 1.3.

Under phase 1, you may want to indent your links because the numbered lists look odd as is. 1, 1, 2, 1, 2…

Heads up - every single thing you need to know about Meteor 1.3 will be covered in the Meteor Guide.

Meteor 1.3 is still in beta - if you don’t want to worry about hacky stuff and weird documentation, just wait until the final release, I promise it’s going to be awesome and super well documented.


Will the guide for 1.3 be released at the same time at the 1.3 RC?

Good question! We’re almost done with app structure and code style, testing is more heavily work in progress.

@tmeasday would be best to answer here.

You guys are making awesome stuff with Meteor Guide. We all like it.

Meteor 1.3 is still in beta - if you don’t want to worry about hacky stuff and weird documentation, just wait until the final release, I promise it’s going to be awesome and super well documented.

But, comments like this not good for the community.
It feels like we are discouraging community support. Right now, there is no official guide to work with Meteor 1.3.

People are experimenting different ways to work with it. We should support it.

Just my idea on this.


Actually Mantra is Arunoda’s and Reactive GraphQL is MDG. The way I see it is Mantra creates a Framework/Architecture Structure (not a framework in usual sense), with clear rules and pathways for the application to be built.

Reactive GraphQL is going be MDG flavor of facebook’s GraphQL and Relay with an added dose of Reactivity sprinkled all over. It is going to have low level abstraction and I am sure there will be lot of APIs built on top this to make it easy for developers to work

In that sense Reactive GraphQL is part of Mantra Architecture as a State Management tool if the app wanted to make use of it.

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Hmm, this is a good point. I guess I would be a lot happier if these articles said “how to work with the Meteor 1.3 beta” rather than “Meteor 1.3”. Because sometimes they include workarounds that won’t be necessary in the final release, but then if people read the article they will think those workarounds are needed even in the final version.

Sorry if I discouraged anyone! Going to do better next time.


Props for putting together this information!

However, I think that authors should be a bit more realistic and less click-baity when it comes to titles. Six months from now, looking for a 1.3 solution could bring up this ‘Complete Guide to 1.3’, which if it has been updated, would probably still be great. However, as anyone who has searched outside the forums for solutions can attest to, the results range from helpful to outdated to untested and wrong.

Of course, having sifted through dozens and dozens of old articles about meteor, most of us know the authors and context (the <1.0 age, the iron router age, the flow router age, the react age) that allows us to judge what is currently relevant and what is not. But newbies don’t have that luxury and titles like these worry me, regardless of how helpful the information might be today…


Just changed the article title and added a little message about the fact that things will still change with 1.3 :slight_smile:


That’s a good point I hadn’t thought about that. My plan was to keep it updated as 1.3 progresses, but realistically I might not be super on top of it. What would be a better title I could use?

I think something like ‘Getting Started with Meteor 1.3 Beta’ or something similar – ‘complete guide’ (to me at least) implies curation, something I think that makes sense when talking about the Meteor Guide but not perhaps to something a bit more static?

my first thought was along the lines of:

WAUW!, is 1.3 already out!? how did I miss this?

nice article tho :smile: Am a bit unsure about how to utilize es2015 modules fully:

  • How is HTML files handled with modules? do they go in imports?
  • What about CSS?
  • How will I structure my source now?

I’ve looked over the new content for the Meteor Guide, and hope to get a better grasp on how to make to most of the coming features.

@goatic here’s the PR:

We didn’t mention HTML, that’s a good point. We should talk about that specifically.

In particular, you can look at this example app for an idea of what we’re going for:

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Yeah! I think you gave the answer.

I guess I would be a lot happier if these articles said “how to work with the Meteor 1.3 beta”

And @kenrogers changed the title in the post.
(@kenrogers, You may need to change this topic as well)

BTW: I should do that too.

I think, everyone wins.

Your book can’t come soon enough for me, I’ve got reasonable understanding of Meteor now, I’m fairly happy with the basics of ES6, and have spent a fair bit of time with React, but trying to understand the best way to put all of those bits together is hurting my head!


Thanks for that. I’ll read up on Mantra again with this lens, but from what you say Mantra seems to be the opinion-shaper of the emergent opinionated “React/<> | RGQL | npm sweetshop | BYO-Back End” Meteor.

@kenrogers: for people who aren’t full time-devs, and with many things other than coding to juggle - useful is better than perfect. As tomRedox says: the best (anti-fragile?) way to put all these bits together for the foreseeable (3-6 months?)

I’m totally pro something like Mantra, but I really want to have understood the building blocks before I shift up to an abstraction.


Yep I am with you. The way I see it is Mantra takes care of decision making for me and stays in the background while being flexible enough to use the state componenents I like