Getting Started with React Native & Meteor

Hey All!

I’ve been writing some introduction posts to using React Native and Meteor and wanted to drop them here.

So far I’ve covered creating the basic DDP connection from React Native to a Meteor backend:

And just published how to authenticate a user via email/username & password:

I plan to keep writing these and would love some input on what you would find most valuable/helpful.

Thanks and I hope this is beneficial!



These are supremely helpful! I’ve been doing more React Native work lately, and my client is thinking of having their mobile app talk to a Meteor app, so the timing is perfect.

One question, and pardon me if I’m dense and missed something: I don’t see where you actually specified where to connect to with the DDP client. I see the instantiation and connect call, but no URLs or port numbers.

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Yeah, this part is missing and it will result an error connecting in my tests with Android. I’ve made this and it is working for me:

let ddpClient = new DDPClient({
    host : "", // my meteor server ip
    port : 3000, 
    ssl : false, 
    autoReconnect : true, 
    toReconnectTimer : 500, 
    maintainCollections : true
    ddpVersion : '1', 
    socketConstructor: WebSocket 

Thanks a bunch for the articles and for the repo. The articles were are attention getters for sure. Are Oject Model packages like Astronomy still useful in React Native space? Some of us are would like to see an example of Mantra + React-Native over DDP. Sharing links to support communities would help. Again, thanks.

Hey, you didn’t miss anything - I did a bit of “hand waving” in regards to how the ddp client is initialized.

I’ll make some updates so it’s more clear. In the mean time check out what @aislan posted or check out the docs on the node-ddp-client package:

Hey, I’m not totally sure what all Astronomy does (I’ve never personally used it) but I imagine quite a bit of it would still be applicable (the things that happen on the server).

Added Mantra + React Native to my list of things to investigate and write about. I appreciate you taking the time to read the posts and leaving suggestions on what you’d like to see!

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Hey! Updated the repo to better give a sense of what’s happening when we create the ddp connection. Doesn’t cover all options but I hope it gives a better representation!