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Hi there!

I found out about Meteor – accidentally – around ~9 hours ago. I’ve been toying around with it ever since. If I must say, I’m absolutely hooked! I have a few questions about the proper way to go about picking up Meteor to use for full-stack web development.

I have a couple of years experience with object-oriented programming via Java, C#, and more recently, Apple’s Swift. I’ve been doing mobile development for a few years. Now that I’m in college, I’ve been exploring new things.

One of the biggest inhibitors of my idea-to-reality pipeline is not knowing full-stack web development; on the other hand, when I have an idea for a mobile app, I can make it happen. I would like to act on some of my web ideas that would require a backend server with database (i.e. accounts and dynamic, real-time interactions). In my quest to do so, I’ve been learning and experimenting with HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Being rather easy due to previous programming experiences, I wanted to take that one step further and get into real web development. This is where I think Meteor comes in. :smile:

I did the official Meteor tutorial. Loved it. I then found the Meteorpedia tutorial. Does this seem like the next best destination? I’m essentially looking for an organised way to learn Meteor so that I can use it to make consumer web apps. I know there’s many different concepts and parts (i.e. jQuery and Node.js) to pickup. Other than doing basic HTML, CSS, and Javascript frontend, this is my first time working with full-stack (backend specifically) web development. Nonetheless, I’m very excited. I would love to hear how other successful developers using Meteor got started. I’m very aware of the try-fail-repeat learning method, but I also know of its risks. I don’t want to pickup any bad hack-it-together habits. I’ve always learned best by getting somewhat of a formal education before experimenting out in the wild.

tl;dr How would you recommend a mobile app programmer pickup Meteor (and its components)?


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You should try the Discover Meteor book

I’ve seen it. Do you have any personal experience with it? It costs money, but looks like a fair price. I’ll have to research reviews on it.

@95shane I am new to programming (JS And Meteor are the first languages I learn) and Discover Meteor pretty much teached most of the things I know and I keep going back to some of the chapters for live applications that I am building when I am stucj

I think most people in the community startd with this book ( I am not affiliated to them in any way), and it definitely worth the $39 I think it costs.

You should also read this which I believe mentions Discover Meteor also

Another course/ video casts that are really good can be found over at, its done by the guy that creaeted Iron Router.

If you want free video courses to learn from you should check out
George Mcknight Youtube channel
LevelupTuts youtube channel
and Meteor’s official youtube channel.

Also you should check out the live streaming on youtube of Meteors workshop, its every last Thursday of the month I think.

For mobile devs, this is good starter:

I am developing a big mobile app using meteor.
You can develop for mobile with meteor, but their a lot of pitfalls.
Meteor mobile <=> Cordova
So you need to know Cordova.

I hope the next meteor release 1.1.1 with Cordova 5 solves some of them.

Major problems: working offline, battery usages, long startup time, long time to resume an app from background mode, no access to mobile root filesystem,
sometimes bulding an app doesnt work, hangs often on ios after splash screen,
app size is very big.

But I believe, its just a matter of time to get this things fixed. Meteor has a very active community and tons o packages.

MDG are very eager in improving meteor.

I used Discover Meteor also, very easy to read & explains things well. If you get stuck or something doesn’t seem to work, check the discus comments in the menu.

Some more discussions that may be worth reading:


I’ve been working my way through tutorial/blog sites today, found this one which links to alot of resources I’ve already used and it’s ordered nicely too.

I have found that there is pretty much a package for 90% of the code you’ll write in a typical web app so the list of packages there is also a great help.

If you like formal education, the discover meteor book is good. Surprisingly the actual API doc wasn’t as dry as i expected and I actually enjoyed reading the first few sections!

Welcome to the party!!!

Oh and if you haven’t already, get meteor toys
Even the free version will blow your socks off!

Hi guys,

I just wanted to check in and post an update. First of all, I’d like to extend a big thank you to everyone that has welcomed me and contributed help here along the way. :slight_smile: In my off time away from school, I have put in some serious hours of learning time towards Meteor. It has been quite the experience – and rewarding as well. :smile:

I feel so empowered by what Meteor has to offer. The amount of progress one can make with Meteor in a few days is absolutely astounding. Best of luck to everyone on their projects,