Getting 'Uncaught Error: Error: Must be attached' error on button

Hi, I have a strange error, I don’t getting every time, but usually this error appears just after a hot-code push update, the error I’m getting is:

Uncaught Error: Must be attached

and it usually comes after I receive this errors:

Exception from Tracker recompute function:
TypeError: Cannot read property 'removeClass' of null

The first error comes when I try to click on an image using an event like so:{
          'click .imagenAd': function (event,template) {
    "sumarClick", this._id);
              Router.go('', {_id: $(event.currentTarget).data().id});

This is how I render this part of the template:

 {{#ionContent class="fondoAzulMarino"}}
   <div class="sliderCategorias">
     <div class="banners">
       {{#each banners}}
         <div class="ion-slide" data-id="{{_id}}">
           <img src="{{imagen}}" class="imagenAd" data-id="{{idProducto}}">
   {{#each productos}}
     {{#ionItem class="avatar lista-productos" path=""}}
       <!-- <a class="item item-avatar item-categoria" data-ion-modal="_producto" data-id="{{_id}}"> -->
         <a class="item item-avatar item-categoria">
         <img  src="{{imagen}}">
         <p>{{formatoDinero precio}} - {{tamano}}</p>

And because this is a slider I initiate it like this in the ‘Template.categoriasShow.rendered’ function:

this.autorun(function () {
    if (!this.subscription.ready()) {;
    } else {



      $('.banners').on('init afterChange', function(event, slick, currentSlide){
          var idBanner = $(slick.$slides.get(slick.currentSlide)).data('id');
"sumarVista", idBanner);

        infinite: true,
        autoplay: true,
        autoplaySpeed: 6000,
        arrows: false,
        dots: true,
        dotsClass: 'slider-pager',
        customPaging: function(slider, i) {
          return '<span class="slider-pager-page icon ion-record"></span>';


And the second error comes when I move from one view to another, I am using Ionic for the UI, and I’m afraid that the error may be related to Meteoric, the package I’m using, but I have no cue for where to start looking for a solution.