Ghosted by Meteor Galaxy Support

Not sure where else to turn, so posting here. I contacted Meteor support 2 weeks ago via the galaxy support section and have been ghosted by their rep. Tried contacting via twitter, opened a new ticket, multiple emails, nothing.

Anyone have any suggestions about other ways I can contact the Galaxy support team?

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Sorry to hear that @docforce. We have already responded to you via both our support system and via email. Is it possible our emails are getting marked as spam on your side? Your ticket for Galaxy was responded to on May 22nd, 15 minutes after you opened it.

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@hwillson thanks a ton for responding! I was hoping it was some sort of technical problem! I have not had any emails go to spam. After the initial follow up it seems you’re not receiving my emails. Have you received the second ticket I put in yesterday?

No problem at all - I’ll find out (I don’t directly work on the Galaxy support team, but I’ll ping the people that do). More details coming shortly …


@docforce We did get your new ticket; I just responded to it with the response from the previous ticket. Did you get notified of the response?

@hwillson I have received your new response, and also received the original response.

Did you receive my reply?

Hmmm, no I didn’t @docforce; did you just reply to the email? I don’t see any responses from you in our ticket system (Zendesk), which is odd. Can you try sending another reply? I’ll do some more testing as well.

@hwillson I did reply to the e-mail. It appears a technical issue has been the case all along, which is great news!

I replied again with the words “Test test test”

Could it be the .io domain is getting quarantined by Zendesk?

Thanks @docforce - we’re following up with Zendesk support to see what’s happening. In the meantime, I can try to help; can you DM me your response to the original request (the requested extra details)?

@hwillson I don’t have any options that I can find to send a direct message? Is there a minimum number of posts I need to allow that?

@docforce yeah that is a Discourse feature to reduce spam/trolls/harassment. I’ve given you normal user permissions so you can send DMs here now

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Thanks for the access!

It turns out there was an issue with an overzealous spam filter for that was sending my domain to spam. Investigating further to see if I can provide a solution for any sysadmins out there needing their domain not to be sent to spam!

Thanks for bringing this to our attention @docforce! The issue seems to be fixed now, and :crossed_fingers: it stays like that. I don’t have the full details of the fix, but I do know the cause was amazingly convoluted (spam filters fighting with email aliases fighting with email groups fighting with multiple domains).

I just want to add that literally clicking this link from my gmail account popped up an untrusted site for from google. Might be worth checking to see if you guys are black/graylisted anywhere.

Just what we need - even less communication from MDG getting through. :sob:

Seriously though, thanks @thatgibbyguy - we’ll take a look.