[GitHub Profile] Now indicate private contributions for trust

Github made a change that I welcome a lot: Your GitHub profile can now include private repo contributions to “indicate” your profile activity.

It is normal to check out the authors activity to see if a package is actively maintained or if the author just went on a 6 month vacation. But more often, work on public repos halts when it’s crunch time to earn money on private repos or contract work. During those times it often looks like a profile is offline, even though you might be on github everyday.

So if you want to give your open source side projects more trust and credibility, go into your profile settings and tick “include contributions from private repos”.

Here GitHub’s blog post:


Another option:

you can become a rock star in minutes!


Yeah, that has been around for long. And the original “contributions” page was horrible.

The silly code streak stats are kicked off now and not only commits indicate activity, also engagement in issues etc. On facebook one would just check the last post… in open source, that always seems tricky.

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That’s awesome! I always wished GitHub would treat issues as real work.