GitHunt-Meteor: Apollo's example app for Meteor


I noticed there was no Meteor version of GitHunt, Apollo’s example app. So I decided to get started on one:

I’ve been running into some issues (some due to the apollo:meteor package being out of date, some due to me being completely new to Apollo) so it doesn’t work just yet, but it’s getting there.

I could definitely use some help from more members of the community more experienced with Apollo though, so if you’d like to pitch in come say hello on the meteor-apollo channel in the Apollo Slack (scroll down to footer).


You’re doing a great job!
I’ve started to look into an apollo+meteor bundle recently and this is a real lack of information outside. Every fresh and solid example you can find will be certainly not with a meteor as a backend. But I personaly prefer to have something like meteor todos example with apollo, because there is a full CRUD operations, accounts and it seems more complecated overall.

Good luck!


I’m interested in learning about Apollo and GraphQL too. I didn’t have time while I was building my most recent project, but now that it’s launched, I’d like to go back and use Apollo if there are performance gains to be had.

EDIT: Actually, after browsing around on the forum and reading up more, it’s probably too early for me to integrate Apollo into a production app at this point in time.


One issue I have is that the structure of a Meteor accounts user object is different from the user objects used in the original GitHunt-API

Is it better to just adapt the entire app to match the Meteor data structure, or is there a way to keep the schema the same as far as the client is concerned, but adapt the server code to deal with the new data structure?


@ffxsam Curious how you made that call? Could you elaborate a bit?


Hi @sacha, were you able to get this working? I can’t quite tell from the repo. Thanks!


I put this on hold because it turned out to be more difficult than I thought given my limited Apollo/GraphQL knowledge at the time. I’ve been spending a lot of time porting Telescope to Apollo though so I’m starting to get the hang of it, maybe I’ll take another stab at it later. Or if you’d like to contribute that’d be great too!


The Meteor todos with Apollo is an epic idea. I’d love to have something like this as well.


This can work.
Im still going to add more features