Given the same codebase, is a wired tiger deployment going to be noticeably faster?

I know to give an exact answer you need more details, I’m just looking for your high-level opinion. Such as, " 8 out of 10 times it will probably be faster". Please for the love of god don’t patronize me about how you can’t give a down to the millisecond answer without all of the specifics- I know.

Thanks for your thoughts!

Measurable: sure. Noticeable: depends greatly on the situation.

For most apps it probably wouldn’t be noticeable, but if you’re application is doing a lot of db operations and mongodb is starting to become a bottleneck it would definitely be one of the things to optimize.

When you aren’t really straining your mongodb cluster, it wouldn’t affect querying or writing to the db in such a manner that it would make a huge difference (given your queries are optimized and you have set up the correct indexes). There are many more things you could likely be doing instead that would have much more impact for the end-user.

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