Global settings that can be changed by an admin

I have searched quite a bit and haven’t been able to find any thing related to what I want to do. Basically I want a global variable/setting that can be changed only if I am a admin through a meteor method. Then have the new setting value be accessed by all users, but they can’t change it on the server to effect other users on the client side or to effect when it’s called in a meteor method on the server end. I am already using the alanning:roles package to help with the roles.

I know there is Meteor.settings.public, but I’m not sure if this is what I need or how I would use it to do what I want.


I think you can store that setting in a Mongo collection, then subscribe all users to it. You can define the server side method to change that value verifying just administrator can access that method using alaning roles. Don’t forget to remove unsecure package.