Going Back to Meteor What Are Your Thoughts?


I was one of the very earlier users of Meteor and I loved it, just an amazing framework and team. But in the past year or so I have been heavily working more with React and React-Native and haven’t been doing a full stack app. At the time Meteor was going thru lot’s of changes and started to lose a lot of developer community support.

I’m now looking at developing a new platform (side project) and was looking at Meteor, Phonix Framework, Vulcan.JS, and Next.JS

I would be interested in getting peoples thoughts about the current status of Meteor.


Right know, all I can do is share a link with you to one of current discussions here: Meteor is not dead. In fact, it's quite all right

Many great devs shared theirs opinions - look on it :slight_smile:


I’ve just re-read the topic you posted back in 2016 (which took some time!), which basically posed the question “why should I stay with Meteor?”.

I think it’s highly likely that the responses you might expect from this topic “why should I come back to Meteor?” will be more of the same. Bear in mind you are asking a group of people who are invested to some degree in Meteor.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter which technology you pick, it will tick some boxes, and leave some unchecked. Only you are able to look at those unchecked boxes and ask yourself whether they are deal-breakers. Fortunately, you already have some experience in the technology to understand the art of the possible.

Has Meteor changed since 2016? Yes - Meteor is still being actively developed. It is still focused on the JavaScript ecosystem and standards compliance and has had many “core” improvements (e.g. dynamic modules). However, many community members are also extremely active in supporting Meteor, both operationally (e.g. managing github issues - shout out to @hwillson) and functionally (e.g. packages - shout out to @diaconutheodor).


Thanks, the core reason I’m asking “Bear in mind you are asking a group of people who are invested to some degree in Meteor”.

I want to get opinions from people that are using it and to see if it has improved.

I feel most the best thing to understand if it has improved and how


It has improved:

  • Server Side Rendering
  • Dynamic Imports
  • Superfast rebuilds
  • Awesome roadmap ahead


Blaze is no longer one and only UI option - you can use React and Angular as well (however, official support for Vue is on it’s way).


is this confirmed by MDG?


No, sorry, that was only my thought. But, on the main Meteor website there is logotype of Vue (along the other libraries with official support), so maybe something is in the air?


Thanks, everyone appreciate the info