Goldilocks-CSS, A Set of CSS Best Practices

We have been working on a finding ways to lighten code bloat and improving the customer experience. The result is Goldilocks-CSS that is a project designed to meet the needs of the business rather than the developer alone.

Goldilocks-CSS is driven by the Goldilocks Principle and strives to find the sweet spot between a good user experience and efficient project execution. Goldilocks-CSS is more of a modular set of best practices rather than a just a framework. Goldilocks-CSS helps the product manager deliver products in a timely way by:

  • Creating a single source of truth for consistent web page creation;
  • Using semantic HTML5 for content structure to meet accessibility requirements (and hence reduce litigation);
  • Adhering to HTML and CSS standards to future proof your project;
  • Leveraging modern CSS3 to create a “no Javascript” presentation layer;
  • Reduce javascript code complexity;
  • Increase HTML code readability for maintenance work by minimizing presentation layer cruft.

The objective of this project is faster time to market at a much lower cost.

What are your thoughts / comments?


Do you have any examples of this being used with a Meteor project?

I think it would be nice to see a Meteor project where you used this to build the UI.

Not yet.

The next step for us is to build a Meteor and Svelte scaffold set. We chose Svelte as it has the smallest footprint and is fast. This allows us to support more concurrent users on a smaller Galaxy based implementation.

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