Good examples of using autoform for user profile?

I have been learning Meteor last few days – started with going through Discover Meteor.

Building a first app and want a form/UI to allow user to manage their personal settings on the network.

Autoform docs are helpful but would love to see some more detailed walkthrough if anyone knows examples. Have run into newbie problems understanding how to extend the Meteor.user w simpleschema/autoform/collections2 and tie it all together.

Apart from autoform’s demo page, I’d suggest just searching and then asking specific questions here or on stackoverflow. I had to get my head around how autoform, client/server validation, minimongo and server mongo, methods etc… all fit together. It’s very powerful for your typical crud page but it’s not one size fits all and diff ppl will have diff ways of solving the same problem. Welcome to meteor!


Telescope uses Autoform to manage pretty much everything (including user profile).

Check out most of the files in this folder for the user accounts stuff:

And the Users schema here:

I recommend cloning the repo and playing around with that stuff to get familiar with how it all works. You can check out the Telescope docs for more info.

Also, see the section of the docs that explains how Telescope uses Autoform/Simple-Schema to add/remove fields from default collection schemas.


Thanks for the info @mordrax and @jeremy.

I was poking around in Telescope too - it seems like that will help a lot. Appreciate you culling the info!

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