Good Meteor app deployment options for non-profit apps?

Hey guys,

I’m wondering what people are using for low budget or non-profit apps? (stuff that doesn’t really expect to be a highly profitable SaaS) I don’t need a MongoDB service, as I already have an mLab account I could use for a sandbox DB.

I know of NodeChef and Bluemix. Assuming mupx is still in working condition (I saw a lot of issues crop up), AWS EC2 is an option too. Anyone have any experiences to relate with NodeChef or Bluemix?


I’m also lauching a nonprofit (and open source) and I’m searching for free or low budget hosting. Right now I’m paying a DO droplet from my own pocket, but that won’t scale.

I wonder if Galaxy will host nonprofits / open source projects.

How did you end up, @ffxsam? Any tips?

If any Galaxy employee reads this, could you help out? Couldn’t find a proper communication channel to get that answered.

I have used modulus with success, easy setup, autoscale options, but you can start with a cheap instance.
Digital Ocean is also an option, less expensive but with more time spent on configuration.

Azure App Service is easy to setup, backed by an SLA, comes with auto-scale, zero-downtime deployment & collocates with mLab sandbox databases.

Microsoft offers 3 years of free hosting ($150/month/developer for up to 5 accounts) through the BizSpark program which also includes technical support & complimentary access to software i.e Windows, Office 365, SQL Server, etc.