Good provider for MongoDB PaaS?

I know there has already been some threads on this, but I couldn’t find a recent one, and things are changing fast.

At the moment, I have deployed my app on EC2, including the database and using mupx for the deployment. This works just fine and was set-up very easily (thanks to the amazing work of @arunoda and his team), but as I am not a DevOps expert, maintaining the database and backups on this server seems to be too risky for me.

So I am leaning towards moving the database to a dedicated PaaS provider specialized on maintaining my database for an affordable / startup-compatible price.

I’ve read that many people here are using, so it seems to be the most popular option. But I am wondering if there’s other good alternatives you’re using. So far, I’ve seen people mentioning MongoLab, MongoHQ and ObjectRocket, but I’ve not seen a lot of experience reports on how good these alternatives work in combination with Meteor.

As I want the app to be scalable, oplog tailing is a must. And I would also like to see a kind of automatic / semi-automatic backup management. It would also be great if the setup in combination with EC2 and mupx would be easy, as I am not a DevOps guy as said before :smile:

We’ve been using, and we’ve only had good experiences with them so far. Haven’t tried any of the others.