Good Scaffolding tools like Iron-CLI

Hello everyone,

I’m currently looking for a good scaffolding tool. I’ve been using Iron-CLI for the past month or so and it’s pretty good. However, it doesn’t look like it’s getting a lot of development support and the documentation is pretty lacking.

Does anyone know of any tools similar to this one? Specifically I’m looking for a scaffolding tool to automatically generate routes, templates, and collections… Pluses would be good integration with simple-schema, collection2, and autoform, as well as meteor up. I also like to use Jade, however I can live without official jade support.(Though in Iron-CLI it’s pretty annoying for the default to generate html templates)


Thanks, this looks great. It worked fine on my Mac.

However for any Linux users that come across this post this won’t work for you without a modification(until my pull request is accepted.)

See this pull request:
and this issue:

Glad it worked out for you.

Just as an FYI, Clinical Track is going to be aliasing meteor-io under the ‘starrynight generate’ command, and migrating all of our current templates, boilerplates, and generators towards it.

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That’s great to hear! I guess you could tell from my username that I’m interested in using the Clinical Track set of packages :smile:

I figured you were here for a reason. :wink:

But yeah, that should be forward compatible with the work that the rest of the release is using. Might be aliased under a different name, but same underlying functionality.

Also, a few months back I registered the biomedical and healthcare organization names, thinking that we might want to alias the clinical track under them. If you need the organization name for publication, ping me and lets coordinate.

You could try npm install -g maka-cli. It’s adapted from Iron-Cli where EventedMind left off with 1.2

It’s using the Meteor 1.3 paradigm including FlowRouter and Restivus for routing, as well as explicit import/export in the imports/ directory.