Good Semantic-UI starting point?


Can anyone recommend a good Semantic-UI boilerplate or suggested set of packages needed for the start of a CMS/Learning System?


What about this boilerplate?

I’ve got it loaded, but I’m not sure which Semantic-UI components it supports. There doesn’t seem to be a settings file like the official Semantic-UI repository. It does appear to use LESS, which is perfect for what I want to do. Does this boilerplate have all the components?


Answering my own questions. I noticed the css version of Semantic-UI was in the list of packages. After I updated the boilerplate, I removed the css version and loaded the LESS (standard) version. Everything works just as before. Also, the css version wasn’t using Semantic-UI 2.0 - I think. Now with this version I have complete control over which Semantic-UI components I am using.

The level of customization built into Semantic is astounding. After using this for a few days, I don’t know if I’ll go back to using Bootstrap in any of my projects going forward.