Good thing Ctrl + F overrides browser Find?

I tried using the default find of my browser, and baam, the forum search opens up.

Is that really a good thing to do, or there’s a setting to turn that off that I’m missing? What if I don’t wanna search the forum, but looking for a string in my page?

I don’t really know if it makes sense forcefully taking over the browser controls without any settings to change things back.

I think what the find functionality of the browser does is way different from what the search functionality of the forum does, which shouldn’t be mixed.

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Same thing for meteor docs.

That’s odd - I specifically made sure it works for the docs, and I don’t have that on the forum. Maybe you have some weird extension installed?

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Okay, I’ll look into my extensions. But what I can say is, the ctrl + f bringing up the search bar here is inconsistent, as in, sometimes it brings up the browser find, and other times brings up the forum search instead. Kinda on and off.

Will look into my extension. thanks

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This is normal Discourse behaviour. It varies based on the number of posts associated with the topic stream you’re viewing. See the following for more info:


If it comes up, try hitting CTRL+F again. I think that bypasses the forum search and will bring up the browser search instead.

It is sad devs can’t leave default browser shortcuts alone, as long as there’re 26 keys on the keyboard.

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