Google AdSense and Meteor Performance TERRIBLE

Hi guys!

So. I’m using BootStrap 4 and some Canvas drawing with PixiJS to make a game.

Right now, it runs SUPER good, finally. Now I’m trying to address Framerates specifically on Mobile and Tablet, which can get pretty bad.

Turns out it is Google AdSense that is COMPLETELY destroying page FPS

What do I mean by that? I press the Modal, or Menu Expand button and it locks up, then instantly expands. There are no animations. The FPS on the page with an AdSense ad that hasn’t even loaded is totally screwing up my website.

I’ve had no other choice to disable it, but that’s kinda… the point of AdSense!

Any one know what’s going on? I’m using the traditional Meteor method to load assets.

Cheers all.

Kind of hard to tell what’s going on without seeing the code you are referencing here:

But, my first question would be whether you are using the async version of Adsense?

Using async, yes. That’s “the way to go” right?

I’ll try switching for fun.

Yeah, just making sure. Async would definitely be the way to go so that it’s not blocking your other page processes.

I think I got it working reasonably well.

I had a modal that called a template, six times. Thus, Meteor generated six ads from AdSense.

So what I’m doing is $(".adsense").html(""); on a Modal hide. Destroying the Ad completely from view.

On an open, I’m dynamically adding in the AdSense unit, code for which is modified from the usual Meteor AdSense method.

I’ve identified a massive frame FPS loss with Bootstrap.

Killing bootstrap is the way to go. Googled “Bootstrap slow” and its widely reported. Most people say build your own.

Bye bye bootstrap