Google adsense not showing

I was following code shown here in one of my templates (templateA) to show google adsense

In adsense.js

Adsense = {};

  Adsense.addTop = function() {
    $.getScript("//", function() {
      var ads, adsbygoogle;
     ads = '<ins class="adsbygoogle"\
      return (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

Template.TemplateA.onRendered(function() {

and at the html:

<div class="gadsense-A"></div>

This works fine for templateA but when I try to do the same for templateB (changing A everywhere to B and using a different ad) the ad never shows up and i get the dreadful:

adsbygoogle.push() error: All ins elements in the DOM with class=adsbygoogle already have ads in them.
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I think the error message is very clear, isn’t it?

There is already another ad on the same element you want to add it to.

Change clases and it will work. I you want to generate it dynamically you can use for classes name.

Yes I agree the error is clear but the result is not…
gadsense-A is unique there is no other element in any other page with that class.
I even gave it it’s own unique id and still I get the same result.