Google Cloud Storage and Meteor

So, I know a lot of people have been having issue with getting gcloud-node to work with Meteor. In particular, in relation to 2 or 3 packages that aren’t even used for Google Cloud Storage. So, I have broken the entire Google Cloud Storage Node API into an entirely separate module that can be installed separately. If there is enough demand, I’ll try breaking some of the others out. To install the module, just run

npm install --save google-cloud-storage-standalone

Another great thing about this module is it uses the standard syntax everyone is used to, so nobody even has to modify their existing code (unless they use fast-crc32c or memcpy, pretty sure I remove support for those). All feedback and questions are welcome.

UPDATE: If you want to use fast-crc32c with this module, it will work. memcpy is not compatible. Furthermore, gRPC is not available, so this will work for Windows (I work on Windows). Additionally, there are no memory leaks with this module that are associated with gRPC.

UPDATE 2: To install fast-crc32c, simply run

npm install --save fast-crc32c

I think you mean “storage”, not “stoage” :wink:

Why yes…yes I do…lol…that was embarrasing.

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