Google dart vs meteor?


What do thinks, google dart vs meteor?


you comparing a language to a framework ??? :confused:


Oh with dart framework


Okay. It’s seems like you are new to JS.

Meteor uses JS as the language and the server side JS runtime is NodeJs.

Dart is another language for the web by google. It has built in server side runtime too.

So, it’s technically possible to write Meteor on top of dart. But it’s not likely to happen.

But, there are ways to convert dart into JS. With that you can write meteor apps with dart. But I am not exactly sure how to do it.

Javascript is becoming so cooler with ES6 and ES7 (next versions of JS). So, may be dart will be history soon.


Thanks for explain, but not sour about ES6 7???


google it. You will get more info about ES6