Google fonts and bootstrap


I am trying to use OpenSans. After reading this Adding Google Fonts, i added the relevant link for OpenSans to the head section

<link href=',300,600,700,300italic&subset=latin' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'>

The site still uses Helvetica though. I also use twbs:bootstrap and i know that Helvetica is default in bootstrap. How can i override this behaviour?

Thank you


I’m assuming you updated your styles as well to actually use the font? In the case of bootstrap you’d need to override it.

One of the powerful features of bootstrap is that you can customize the framework. I am using Bootstrap in my Meteor project and I have customized it to use 24 columns instead of 12, I have customized many of the colors, and I have also customized the fonts. I also use google webfonts – I include them as you have done, and then I instruct Bootstrap to use those fonts.

I am following the technique described here:

Note that it requires using nemo64:bootstrap – when I tried it with twbs:bootstrap, I could not use the customization technique described.

I knew it was a stupid question… Of cource i did not override anything, i am not sure how to to do this, but i ll try,

Thank you

Thank you for the great resource

It’s not a stupid question if you learned something!

Take a look at the link jononomo posted, overriding the bootstrap variables is probably the way you’ll want to do it. I haven’t dug into what variables it has, but I think it’s pretty extensive so I have to imagine there’s one for the font-family.

What I’m worried about is that for how long will they maintain it?