Google fonts localy

Hello everyone
In a Meteor application, I use Google fonts that I download into the “main.js” file of the application, by a tag.
But, of course, it does not work if there is no internet connection.
I have not been able to find on the web the solution that allows me to include fonts in the application so that they can be used without connection.
Can someone help me?

Thank you for your answers

A quick Google search turned up a thread in this very forum… How to include Fonts

Google fonts will also cache in the browser. So if they’re loaded once, you should be able to see them correctly without an Internet connection. I know on my app it works. Your fonts will also be cached in your users browsers which will skip going out to Google’s servers to fetch them.

So it may not be a bad idea to leave your fonts loading from Google versus including them in your bundle.

No, sorry, it does not work.
The cache is probably reset, either when you leave the browser or when the PC is off.
Hoping these fonts are cached is too random.

Embed the fonts using a data URI and a CSS snippet.