Google is not indexing my site


Hello , I’m in trouble for Google to index my site . I’m using these packages below , but I’m not getting results . What is the solution? The link is:

meteor -platform
iron : router
zimme : iron- router -active
aldeed : collection2
dburles : collection- helpers
meteorhacks : fast -render
natestrauser : animate -css
browser -policy
manuelschoebel : ms- seo
raix : handlebar - helpers
softwarerero : accounts - T9N
alanning : roles
reactive -var
accounts -password
msavin : Mongolian
percolate : synced -cron
okgrow : analytics
mizzao : bootboxjs
mizzao : user- status
matb33 : collection -hooks
okgrow : iron- router- autoscroll
u2622 : persistent- session
alethes : pages
msavin : jetsetter
chuangbo : cookie
manuelschoebel : wait -on- lib
aslagle : reactive -table
anti : i18n
gadicohen : phantomjs
aldeed : autoform


Client side SEO with meteor is very finicky and in my experience very unreliable. That is not to say that meteor cannot have SEO because it absolutely can. I was having issues with getting Googlebot, Facebookbot, and Twitterbot to actually find the correct meta tags on my site. @arunoda actually has a really great article on server side rendering along with his server side router picker that allows you to have SEO and have it work every time which also has the added benefit of not needing to have phantomjs installed. Here is a link to the article