Google maps in meteor with react(reactjs:react)


Hi, any one please help me on displaying google maps in meteor with react while using reactjs:react package.

Thank you.


There are plenty of npm packages that integrate react with google maps:

I’ve had success with, but there are a few other good packages that do much the same thing.

You will need to use something like to bundle these into the front end.


Alternatively there’s and React example


Hi guys, Thank you for your response.
I achieved it in meteor with react with the help of react package, but I am not getting any clue how to do this with reactjs:react package in meteor with react…


Any reason why you’re not using the core react package? meteor add react


Actually I started my project in reactjs:react and developed accordingly, and also I have some doubts while routing when clicking on button using react package…
If you can guide accordingly I will try to convert it into react package.
Thank you.