Google Plus (Mobile) Sign In Error - Please Help

Hi Everyone,

I am integrating Google Plus login in Android and using cordova-google-plus-native-sign-in

After adding this into command line

meteor add hedcet:cordova-google-plus-native-sign-in

I have added the following code to my mobile-config.js to

App.configurePlugin('cordova-plugin-googleplus', {
    REVERSED_CLIENT_ID: 'com.googleusercontent.apps.--------------------------------------------'

and here is the code for authentication with Google

      offline: true,
      webClientId: '',

    function(response) { =;
      request.idToken = response.idToken;
      request.userId = response.userId;

    function(error) {
      if (callback && (typeof callback == "function")) {

googleplus’ is not defined,

Error in Detail:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'googleplus' of undefined", source: http://localhost:12240/app/app.js?hash=c41a5f758e3a9cdfc5ec60f0eb64150065ec031e (3344)

I am stuck in this issue for the last 5 days, I have already posted here but not getting any response from the community. Please Guys, this needs to be solved asap. Please help. It’s very urgent.

That error suggests it’s window.plugins which is undefined

Other than that, I’ve not used this, so can’t help. Sorry.

Hi @robfallows, Thanks for your response. Do you know any other library for Google login integration.

No, sorry. Have you tried cordova.plugins.googleplus?

Are you talking about library that is on npm or replacing window.plugins with cordova.plugins?

That. I don’t do any cordova development, so feel free to ignore me :slight_smile:

Thanks @robfallows, for your time

@mixmatric, why do not you use meteor accounts for google?

I am using accounts-google package and it’s not working in mobile.
I got multiple dex files error

What is error? Because I use in my app, Google e Facebook logins, in web, android and ios, and all works fine.

Do you can debug in android and show me the error?

Actually what I think is I have used multiple google libraries and the error is I am not able to compile the project and get the output code for android. Check this link Multiple dex files define Lcom/google/android/gms/iid/zzc for the error I got.

I need to use Push notifcation, Maps, and Logins from Google. It would really be great help to me if you could help me in this.

Thanks for your kind information. It is also benefited for all users.

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