Google Services 4.3.0 must now add DisableVersionCheck = true

I have been having conflict issues with incompatible versions of google plugins, and have pulled together as much information as I can find, I have removed the gradle plugin from pre Cordova 9

cordova-android-support-gradle-release@3.0.1 - removed now included in Cordova 9.+

and have added to mobile-config.js

App.setPreference(‘AndroidXEnabled’, ‘true’, ‘android’);
App.setPreference(‘GradlePluginGoogleServicesEnabled’, true);
App.setPreference(‘GradlePluginGoogleServicesVersion’, ‘4.3.3’);

from what I have found which has lots of likes and praise adding the disableversioncheck to build.gradle
not sure how to apply these setting but they would seemingly solve compatibility issues.

"Starting with you must now instead add the following to the bottom of your app/build.gradle, after the apply.

googleServices { disableVersionCheck = true }
This also works with previous version of"