Google Trends shows Meteor only used in California?

This is a bit odd. From looking up Meteor on Google Trends, it appears that “Meteor Tutorial” is looked up 100% within the US

Also, within the US, it’s looked up 100% within California.

I know that’s where Meteor Development Group is, but 100%? How can this be explained?

Also, how does one estimate Meteor use outside of Cali?

What exactly is this “Meteor” you are talking about? Never heard about it in Germany.

LOL, this is funny. I am not in California either. Just trying to figure out what it means. Never seen this pattern before.

I guess that the search volume is too small. If you click on “City” you’ll get a message with this reason.

Yup. A meteor is a space rock right?

I am not too familiar with Google Trends but had to check for myself. When searching for a trend there are two different results offered: search terms and topics. If you choose Meteor as a Topic, it shows a picture much more like what I would have expected

I still think your observation is hilarious