Google will disallow WebView OAuth in April 2017

Looks like Google will pull the plug on doing OAuth from WebView in April, meaning all Meteor Cordova apps using Meteor Accounts will break.

MDG will not be looking into this so it’s up to the community, I guess. Does anyone have experience with this?

I plan to look into it soon but I reckon asking here is a good start.

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Bump. I just discovered this too and now have < 20 days to fix my app. Eeek! :scream:

Personally I’m using useraccounts and accounts-google. Is there a classic Meteor one line fix to this? Or do we really have to implement a Cordova plugin? If so, which is the easiest?

Any thoughts appreciated!

Does this also affect “normal” logins using Meteor accounts, or only social logins?`

Keen to find a solution here too.


Isn’t this PR addressing it, or have I missed something?

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Thanks. Will take a look

Yeah, I filed an issue for that and MDG did manage to find time to look into it in the end. I plan to test the fix tomorrow or the next day.

@realyze wondering if you got this working?