Googlebot isn't downloading sockjs files, causes partial rendering


I’ll include two links & screenshots for what I’m referencing:

As you can see, it appears Googlebot is fetching and rendering the pages correctly. However, I keep receiving “Temporarily unreachable” responses when it tries to download sockjs resources, resulting in “Partial” fetch and renders. I know that Googlebot does not connect to websocket servers, so this could be causing this issue, however I wanted to know if this was a true issue, and/or if I can block Googlebot from trying to fetch the unreachable assets so this message no longer appears?



@markoshust Did you make any progress with this? I’m having the same issue. Thanks! Daniel


@dbernhard i haven’t, but it doesn’t seem to effect search engine rankings.


I get the same issue, we could block sockjs from robots.txt maybe?


I’m seeing the same problem. I tried blocking sockjs in robot.txt and got what I thought was a worse problem. Unfortunately, I can’t remember what that problem was now.

Any insight from anyone?