Goole webmaster do not see anything in my <body>

When I try to view my source code or goolge fetch bot, than it display nothing in <body> tag only <head> info, I use spiderable package , but it’s doesnt help !
How to solve it ?

UPDATE: when I try to write ?_escaped_fragment_=site=about I see this error

spiderable: phantomjs failed at!site=about: { [Error: Command failed: ] killed: true, code: null, signal: 'SIGTERM' }
Error: Meteor code must always run within a Fiber. Try wrapping callbacks that you pass to non-Meteor libraries with Meteor.bindEnvironment.
at Object.Meteor._nodeCodeMustBeInFiber (packages/meteor/dynamics_nodejs.js:9:1)
   at [object Object]._.extend.get (packages/meteor/dynamics_nodejs.js:21:1)
  at [object Object].RouteController.lookupOption (packages/iron_router/lib/route_controller.js:66:1)
  at new Controller.extend.constructor (packages/iron_router/lib/route_controller.js:26:1)
   at [object Object].ctor (packages/iron_core/lib/iron_core.js:88:1)[] 
 at Function.Router.createController (packages/iron_router/lib/router.js:201:1)[] 
 at Function.Router.dispatch (packages/iron_router/lib/router_server.js:39:1)
at Object.router (packages/iron_router/lib/router.js:15:1)
at next (/opt/meteor/app/programs/server/npm/webapp/node_modules/connect/lib/proto.js:190:15)
at packages/spiderable/spiderable_server.js:128:1
at ChildProcess.exithandler (child_process.js:662:7)
at ChildProcess.emit (events.js:98:17) 
at maybeClose (child_process.js:766:16)
at Process.ChildProcess._handle.onexit (child_process.js:833:5)

And when I use ?_escaped_fragment_= ALL OK

UPDATE: When I use any spiderable packages than meta viewport disappears, pls HELP !

Take a look at your console. Maybe the phantomjs npm is not installed or not on global search path?

Spiderable / your meteor process running spiderable needs to run phantomjs

Yep, I use meteor up and I have this code in my mup.json - "setupPhantom": true, , so when I do mup setup and mup deploy than phantom js automat. install on server and I don’t see any errors but what about not on global search pathnot on global search path - where I can check it ?

Sorry, haven’t used MUP yet so can’t exactly state out whats happened.

global means: just enter phantomjs --version at console

should show the installed release if on global path

What happens if you call your application with Can you see any content on the page?

Spiderable is extremly buggy, we didn’t get it work on our Ubuntu 14.04 system. You can maybe try this package here, it’s a fork of the official spiderable package. But don’t forget to remove the official one from your packages.

I have phantomjs on server v 1.9.8 some like this when I do this than I see all my content , all OK

Spooky, that means that phantomjs and spiderable is working.

?_escaped_fragment_=site=about I see error (post update scroll up )