Gotchas (so far) with simple-todos angular


OS X 10.9.5

[There is a question at the end of this post.]

I’ve encountered two gotchas so far with the simple-todos tutorial for Angular and thought I’d post them for posterity.

  1. I have to put a leading slash in the URL path for the templateUrl in todoList.js. I’m not the first person to encounter that; it was also commented upon in the github commit entry for Step 2.5

  2. I found I had to modify server/main.js in order to get my db entries to appear in the todo list, adding to the startup the statement Tasks = new Mongo.Collection('tasks');. Until I did that, my db todo entries would not appear. (And yes, I manually entered some from the command line beforehand as per the directions.)

As regards 2, would it be bad form to just import api/tasks.js into server/main.js to accomplish the same goal.