GPS accuracy value on IOS 11.x iPhone/iPad



I would like to warn everyone that I have serious issues with the GPS accuracy value on IOS 11.x, when using navigator.geolocation.getCurrentPosition and navigator.geolocation.watchPosition

I have super bad accuracy numbers like 5000, 16100 (!!!) even though the GPS coordinates are spot on where the user really is. Reminder: accuracy is supposed to mean the number of meters that the position is accurate to

Of course I use ‘enableHighAccuracy: true’ so it should use the GPS chip and get a very good accuracy with an accuracy in the 5-10m range.

Also, on my own iPad (which doesn’t have a GPS chip) the best accuracy I can get is 65 even though the coordinates are spot on where I am located ! I always get precisely “65”, as if “65” meant that I was located through Wifi instead of the GPS chip.

Imagine the issues I had in my app: in my code, in order to control the noise caused by inaccurate coordinates, I used to filter out bad accuracy coordinates (accuracy > 50) ! So everything began to break recently with IOS users unable to get a reliable GPS reading … I have now removed my filter and I accept all coordinates, regardless of how high the accuracy is.


p.s. on Android, everything is still as expected: the accuracy represents the reality

EDITED : my iPad doesn’t have a GPS chip, that might be why it’s always showing 65 as accuracy