Grapher has moved to NPM & Typescript

…and is now called Nova.

Hello dear Meteor community,

We are pleased to announce that Grapher now works with native MongoDB drivers and treats GraphQL as a first-class citizen and has moved to npm here:

We have refactored the most important aspects and made it more efficient and more robust and very importantly, type-safe (Typescript FTW). This package needn’t be only available to Meteor because it can help everyone in the code community.

Grapher remains LTS and no new features will be added.

25 Likes Is this what am thinking…another Meteor pattern library???

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We don’t plan to move-out of Meteor. We want to fully embrace the NPM ecosystem.


Congrats @diaconutheodor, this is a good move to reach a broader audience for your packages. I know how hard you are working on this and is very good to see the progress.

And for sure this is still very useful for Meteor community as Meteor is for long fully compatible with NPM.

Keep up!


What do you mean LTS?

LTS stands for Long Term Support :
In a nutshell, you can use it safely it will be maintain for a long time.

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