Grapher named query


Can anybody give me a clue on the difference between Grapher query and named query.
I am sorry @diaconutheodor, but the documentation is a little hard to follow, and the examples quiet old.

Would some grapher hero drive me to the good path, please.

Thanks by advance,

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Hi @erixtekila,

Named queries are predifined by you on the server and will always return the same set of fields to the client, they also have their own exposure and firewall (security function). While the Global (collection) queries have a single defined exposure.

I suggest to publish data with namedQueries as those have a better defined set of security rules and fields.

But if you just need to query data on the server you can use normal queries without creating exposures or namedqueries. Those are only when exposing data to the clients.

@pmogollon I get it, thanks.

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