Grapher - reactive link question


I’m trying to build a game where you have rounds.
So I have a game collection linked to a round collection.
Meaning any game can have any number of rounds.
My problem is, that the reactivity seems only to happen for the game collection and not the linked round collection. For example if I set roundBegun as true on the round collection, no reactivity happens, on the linked round object. Is this expected behavior?


Can you plese provide some code?

Reactivity should work in both directions if you have set:

    'game': {
        type: 'one',
        collection: Games,
        field: 'gameId',

and the inversed link on the Games collection:

    'rounds': {
        collection: Rounds,
        inversedBy: 'game'


Thanks Stefan
Yes, I think it must have been because I forgot the inversed link.