GraphQL/Apollo schema's with meteor methods?

Is there a way to use GraphQL/Apollo schemas in a way similar to how Simple Schema/Collection2 is currently used with collections (mostly to validate data forms inside server methods)? I’d like to start to replace Simple Schema due to a couple of bugs and a standing desire to move to Apollo completely eventually anyway (no disparagement meant to Aldeed - I’ve used his packages for years, and am entirely grateful for all the hard work he’s put in to make my life easier!), but I don’t yet want to go full on and replace the entire data stack. Replacing the schemas would seem a good place to start, if it can be done in a reasonably 1:1 way. Are there any examples out there that do this?

I think this package converts simpleschemas to graphql haven’t used it yet


Or similar could be an example of how to test an object against a schema, similar to how check(data, simpleschema) etc worked.

These are great starting points. Thanks!

After looking into it, I’ll probably go the full on, and get some of the performance benefits from just doing the conversion completely.

Yeah, I thought about potentially using the conversion/bridge repo to just do the conversions but store the output so it wouldn’t need to keep rerunning.