GraphQL CMS v2 is ready to use

Earlier I introduced the first version of CMS: Auto generating CMS based on your GraphQL schema, and I am highly recommend you to read that article too if you haven’t yet.

In this article I want to shortly introduce to you the second version of GraphQL CMS. You’ll find what’s new and what we have and what else you should expect in future release.
###Shortly about project:
GraphQL CMS is a npm module which can save you a lot of time you’re currently spending on integration with some CMS or building your own admin-panel. All you need to do is just provide your printed GraphQL schema in config object and that’s it, module will do the rest of work for you!
It will automatically generate fully-functional CMS with all your GraphQL essence, and on any changes in schema it will dynamically catch all changes and generate new menu points, fields and etc.
###Product philosophy:
Simplicity. You don’t have to change a line of code in your project, so you’re free to use any architecture you want. Consider CMS as simple React component which you can render wherever you want, inside of other components. For example to provide header and footer or on separate route.
For the same reason we don’t provide authentication system, so you can use any approach to secure your CMS and API you want. We recommend to use FeathersJs, it’s easy to use and a great free tool.
###What’s new and what it support:
The module is pretty scalable and has ability to extend CMS with any custom functionality so it can solve 100% of your needs from CMS.

Even without custom extending CMS it will automatically give you following functionalities, which is more than enough for 90% of needs from CMS:

  • [New] Documentation
  • [New] Support of nested GraphQL Type fields, any deeps
  • [New] Support of GraphQL List, with auto populating if list of other essence from data-base, or with ability directly create new items in list if it’s just a list of some items
  • [New] Ability to use file uploading system and refer it to any field you want
  • Pagination
  • Fields and Side menu points ordering
  • Ability of detailed configuration with custom labels for fields, menu points, and etc
  • Easy to extend with custom components where you can use any other custom functions you need
  • Full support of CRUD

As you can see CMS supports a lot of useful stuff out of the box.

  • Test cases and commented code, to make it easier to contribute

If you have any suggestions to what else you would like to see in the new release please feel free to give your advice.


So I’m guessing you see this Meteor forum as one of many good places to promote your work, despite it being developed with Feathers, not Meteor. Is that right?

It wasn’t developed with Feathers.
Feathers is my suggestion to secure your GrpahQL API, which can’t be done with Meteor for this moment. And this module doesn’t have Feathers as dependance, so you can use it in your Meteor app too.

Ah! Okay! That’s great news then.

Do you have a Meteor example, by any chance? :sunglasses:

Not yet, but will create some.
Currently I’m working on test cases and soon will push working example on webpack-dev-server, so you can run it with on command and see how it works.

I think this will be very useful to me.

Ok, example is ready) need some improvement, working on it, but you already can run it in 1min, and see how it works.

Hey wow that’s some amazing work there and I love it but I am having an issue getting GraphQl working on cloud9 with the port 8080 and ip as localhost!

Can you please follow show us how we can get it working on ? Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Hi, thank you. Unfortunately in free mode there are no enough memory.
If you are not on free plan, just basic steps from example page will be enough to make it work.

Also module doesn’t support yet GrpahQL API which is running on different from CMS port, maybe that’s the issue.

I will add ability too use different ports with next patch.

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Thank you for you help :slight_smile: