GraphQLInputObjectType and apollo

Guys, how add GraphQLInputObjectType object to schema?!

I think I have to give you some explanations

I need possibility to use in Mutation some arrays of GeoJSON Points.
I have no idea how (-:

Maybe any suggestion?

Now I’m trying to create my custom input type. Without luck (-:

Some my tests:

export const CreateInput = new GraphQLInputObjectType({
  name: 'CreateInput',
  description: 'Self Descriptive',
  fields() {
	return {
		questionName: {
			type: GraphQLString,

Added this to my root resolver…

Created in typeDefs:

const CreateInput = `
  input CreateInput {
     questionName:           String

And now I have error on my server: Error: "name" defined in resolvers, but not in schema
Name?! I don’t have name in resolvers…

I’m sure, I’m doing something wrong…

@benjamn @sashko guys, maybe you can give me some hints? (-: