Great Denormalize Package!

Now I am trying the jeanfredrik:denormalize package.
Please try…

I am new to meteor could you help me with this error

meteor add jeanfredrik:denormalize
=> Errors while adding packages:

While selecting package versions:
error: conflict: constraint tracker@1.0.7 is not satisfied by 1.0.6.
Constraints on tracker come from:

jeanfredrik:denormalize@0.1.0 -> matb33:collection-hooks@0.7.13
meteor-platform@1.2.2 -> autoupdate@1.2.0 -> webapp@1.2.0 -> boilerplate-generator@1.0.3 -> spacebars-compiler@1.0.5 -> htmljs@1.0.4 -> deps@1.0.7