Great Opportunity to Boost Meteor!

Google is doing a developer survey here:

Fill it out and click “Meteor” in question #1 to boost Meteor!


This is tricky - Meteor is my primary build tool and server app platform, but most of the actually coding in React. Meteor is more comparable to WebPack + Next.js or something like that. React is comparable to Blaze. I suspect in the questionnaire, they are more asking about Meteor + Blaze.

I thought about that too. But most of the questionnaire is about application architecture, which may be considered more of a Meteor thing than a React/Blaze thing.

I clicked Meteor on the first question, since it’s a vague question and I wanted to give Meteor the benefit of the doubt and boost Meteor. Then I talked a lot about React (and Apollo) on other questions.

Does not look like to be coming from Google