Grid (excel like functionality) in meteor


Hi all!

I am looking for a meteor package, which allows me to display and inline edit (and optionally sort, filter, search) a spreadsheet. The spreadsheet should be mapped to a collection.

I also would like a free solution.


Did you mention Google because you are looking for compatible packages, or just as an example for functionality?

In the latter case, I believe that you should use the keyword “grid”, which has two meanings:

  1. tabular layout (which is not what you need)
  2. online spreadsheets

My favourite one (though I haven’t tried it with Meteor) is jqGrid.
Recently, its author closed it, but one of the contributors forked it and it can be found by looking for “free-jqGrid”.

For Meteor packages of it, look here, of course:


Note: there are grids with better integration with Meteor (e.g. Webix), but weaker than jqGrid.


What about this?


There are multiple versions of jqGrid on atmosphere (and you didn’t select one by purpose I guess). Any advice which to use and why? One of them seems to be better documented (i.e. has a readme)


The license seems super for me. I wish there would be a minimal example which shows meteor integration. There are multiple versions of handsontable for meteor I understand, that everyone can contribute to meteor, but is there a hope, that these seems-to-be-duplicated packages merge?


No, usually I get lucky when some package have github link.
If I see readme with example it feels like miracle.