GroundDB find({_id:".."}) not returning any entries

Hello there,

i am trying to implement an offline DB for my meteor app and chose to use “GroundDB”. Now I am still in my early learning phases but I am having a problem for which i cannot find a solution:

when using .find on my offline-collections, I cannot find by id. Every other property works.
A typical object from my DB will look like this;

{_id:"…someid", name:“test”, description:“test”, systemId:"…someID"};

I can find by name, description and even systemID, but finding by _id is always giving back 0 results.

Has anyone else encountered this problem before?

This is only for GroundDB. Finding by _id in mongo database works. Also, the “_id” field in GroundDB is there! When doing a .find({}) without filters, I can see that all properties, including the _id-field, get copied to groundb.

Thanks in advance

So I found a solution, not sure if it is the most elegant. GroundDB seems to be actively looking for an _id field and trying to use that as a selector. I am not sure what is not working exactly, i guess it has something to do with my _id-field being a string.

Following works though:

instead of a simple .find({_id:"..."})

i use a ‘where’ statement now:

.find({$where: function() {
    				   return this._id ==  "..someId.."