Guarded Routes are not Working

Hi, I’m using AlexxNB/Tinro Router in my Meteor app but Guarded Routes are not working.
Can you help me understand what’s wrong in the following code?

  import { writable } from "svelte/store";
  import { Route } from "tinro";

  const isLoggedIn = writable(false);

<Route path="/" redirect="/profile" />

{#if $isLoggedIn}
  <Route path="/login/*" redirect="/profile" />
  <Route path="/profile">
    <button on:click={() => ($isLoggedIn = false)}>Logout</button>
  <Route path="/profile/*" redirect="/login" />
  <Route path="/login">
    <h1>Sign In</h1>
    <button on:click={() => ($isLoggedIn = true)}>Sign In</button>

Also a simple “fallback” route doesn’t work:

  import { Route } from "tinro";

<a href="/">Root</a>
<a href="/page">Page</a>
<a href="/blah">Not found</a>

  <Route path="/">Root page</Route>
  <Route path="/page">Page</Route>
  <Route fallback>Not Found</Route>

Could you clarify what you mean by “not working”? What are you seeing?

In the first block code, when I change “is Logged In” state, the IF conditional seems not working properly.

In the second block code, instead, the fallback route is never called.